"SS" Novella 8

Chapter 8 “Day of Reckoning part 2”

A cool morning in early FEBRUARY and I am on property waiting for a NEW APPRAISER for a NEW LOAN on the SAME SHORT SALE. I’m nervous as a bride on her wedding date (if that saying were true) and up comes my Prince Charming in a pick up truck and no golf clubs (things are looking god).

Prince Charming steps out and introduces himself and with bated breath I ask…….

Me; “So PC, where you from?”

PC; “grew up in the neighborhood, live down a ways”



After a few awkward glances and some fidgeting (all on my part), my PC does his thing and gets back in the truck and away he sped….I ran after him waving and calling his name like the kid in the movie Shane.

Why you ask.

Simple, I already knew that this was going to appraise and not to add another chapter it did; using the correct square footage and taking into account the area, property appraised easily at 358.0


or so you would think…….

BTW; when appraiser is local he is a PC, if out of area…ACE

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