"SS" Novella 7

Chapter 7 “Now What?”

Mid JANUARY and everyone has said NO, current deal is pretty much over and it’s not looking good.

BUT wait, what if……………I write a NEW DEAL with a NEW LENDER and we do it all over again?


I have one thing on my side in this little deal and it’s the fact that there is zippo inventory on the market in this price range and everyone knows it.

Me; “So Mr. Buyer want to give it another go?”

Mr. Buyer; “Are you out of your F@#$%^  mind?”

Me; “Nope, I’m in Real Estate”

Mr. Buyer; “HUH?”

After several LONNNNNG conversations and a great degree of arm twisting, Mr. Buyer gives in and says, “What the hell, lets do this”.

Editorial note;
Deep down inside I knew that we were doing the right thing, I would not push if I did not think the property was worth it.

“So now what Jav?”

You guessed it, another APPRAISAL……….Oh what fun!

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