"SS" Novela (spelled correctly) 10

Chapter 10 “Day of Reckoning 3”

Winds are still blowing in early MARCH when I get the call from BPO company wanting to do an Interior BPO. We set it up and it goes something like this.

BPO Dude; “Jav, can I get in on Tuesday, early?”

Me; “Si” (I speak Spanish but apparently I can’t spell it)

BPO Dude; “Great”

So far so good.

Day arrives and BPO Dude is on time, he does his thing, ask a couple of basic questions and I mention that the property has some “APPRAISAL” history, he gives me a knowing stare. I ask how long will this take to get to Lender and he says they’ll have it by Friday.

He jumps in his car but this time I do not chase after him because that would be two timing my PC (and I’m not that type of guy)

Friday rolls around and everyone is asking me what is going on.

Saturday and Sunday come and go and not a peep

I’m having coffee early Monday morning when my Blackberry lights up with this little note and I quote.

“Bank of America has countered the offer that was submitted on the property IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING ACCEPTANCE OF THE COUNTER OFFER TERMS:”
A counter?
You have got to be kidding right?
Wrong, boy did they COUNTER….
BTW; Chapter 12 was being “written” last Friday, hence no post….

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