"SS’ Novela Prologue

The Short Sale Novela is a true story (I just closed on it this past Thursday) and  the reason I tell the story is for the general public to see what we go through to satisfy our clients.

I have a lot of agents ask me “Why don’t you just send it to an Attorney to do the Short Sale”

My answer is always the same.

“I want my client to have someone that they can call when they want to follow up on the transaction.”

By doing my own shorts, I know exactly what is going on and can update accordingly; even when there is no update (or logical answer), at least my clients have a point of contact that they can rely on.

I have been on the other side of the transaction where Attorneys or processing offices (those that advertise themselves as Experts) are handling the Short Sale and have seen some nasty stuff done to Sellers and Buyers.

So why do I do them even though they can be a pain in the ass?

Very simply put…It’s my Job, I care and it’s what my client’s can expect from me.

Oh and BTW; Just started another one…

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