"SS" Novela Ending

Final Chapter to our Novela “The Closing”

I have come way to far to let this deal fall apart at the closing table so my only option is to go “Cuban Mom” on the Lender and lay on the guilt!

Think Jewish Mom’s are the only ones, nope we have the same gift….and in Spanish (which is louder)

One thing I do know is that ALL the major Lenders are concentrating on “Upping” their image and they are really working the “PR”, angle. They are doing everything possible to start spinning their side of the story so with that in mind I went in for the kill.

Me; “Ok, this deal has been out there for over 6 months, your attention to details has been horrific, you have had all parties in the dark for weeks at a time and now you are telling me that the second approval letter expired BEFORE you approved the first! That’s it I had it who’s in charge of PR!!!”

And again magically through the Interwebs came the second Approval letter…..

We closed a day later then we wanted to but at the end, everyone went home happy.


Not really, there will be a Prologue tomorrow.

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