I see London….

I see France, I can see your underpants!!!!

So yesterday was spent saving Erica from some thugs in London who stole everything from her except her email access as she was able to email hundreds of her contacts asking for dough…..only problem was that she was sitting next to me in Coconut Grove….either that or I was in London!!!

Any hoo, this little episode got me thinking about all the great scams that come our way as Realtors via the Interwebs.

I’ve written before about Nigerian Prince’s and Rental Scams but we now have the Military involved, read the latest in Real Estate scams…..


Hi J,

Thanks for your response.My main aim contacting you through TRULIA is because i am privately seeking an individual investment partnership with a reliable Realtor/agent.As my investment plan,i have in my possession a sum of $15million which i made from logistics and crude oil deals here in the middle east.I am ready to facilitate and fund any project capable of generating AROI – Anual Return on Investment.

I am presently attached with the US Marine NATO/ISAF, 1st Battalion 5th Regiment, Field Artillery Special Operation Troops in Kabul district, Afghanistan and lately due to tragic incidents reoccurring everyday as you may be seeing in the news, i fear something might happen to me and this reason i have the courage to contact you so that we can establish a joint investment partnership on trust in case if anything happens to me,you shall take up my only daughter whom i shall make my next of kin in our agreement copy.

I look forward to your positive reply.


Gen JM

My only advice for the general is…. if I had 15mil, I would NOT be be in Afghanistan, I’d be chilling on some small tropical island with an umbrella drink!

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