Safe, Warm and not in Jail……..

Now that we are safely off Death Island, a recap of our 2 days; it involves Real Estate (just in case the IRS is reading this) and a second degree felony……………

Day 1;
Wake up, eat breakfast, sit around, eat lunch, sit around some more and eat dinner.

Day 2;
Wake up, eat breakfast, sit around, eat lunch, sit around some more and eat dinner.

The reason we just sat around was this was the safest way to avoid death and creepy neighbors inviting you for dinner (also as I mentioned before we were in the middle of no where).

Now what you really wanted to read about is the felony, so here it is.

Well the “sitting around” was getting to us and we decided to tempt fate and since the creepy neighbors had not invited us over to their pad…………..we decided to invite ourselves over to said creepy pad.

So moving quietly thru the brush as not to alert the local authorities, snakes, bears, etc…..we came upon said pad that just happen to have its door open and being friendly SQCT folks………we went in.

We proceeded to critique the home (Real Estate), just like when I do an open house and the folks come thru and want to change everything and then as they are leaving they say in a voice just loud enough for you to hear “They want how much, what are they crazy”.

Well we did the same, but we could talk really loud cause there was NO ONE there (Felony).

It gets better; being SQCT folks, at least for a couple of days we did what all SQCT folks do…..we “Cyber Stalked” the owners and they are LOADED!!!!!!!

Plus our friends went back later and took pictures; I think “we are the people our parents warned us about”……….

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