Going back to Mee-ma-mi………

Well after several days, a couple of close calls and posting bail we are heading back home.

We spent the last few days in the home of the “revolution” (the American not The Beatles) and learned a lot; main thing I learned was that the Patriots walked many miles to start/defend this country.

We started our day just wandering around as we often do but being high powered executives (at least Ana) we quickly set goals and on this particular day the goal was the “Freedom Trail’.

At the beginning it looked quite simple, follow the “red brick road” and it will show/lead you through our fore fathers beginnings.

The beginnings start at a cemetery (which sounds like the ending) then leads you to another cemetery,which then of course ends in a “Memorial”
In short lots of Famous dead people but at least these folks accomplished stuff as opposed to the LA famous people Memorial…..but I digress.

At the first cemetery we saw Paul Revere’s tomb and the dude that invented Samuel Adams beer.

At the second one we saw……….haven’t a clue.

Third one we saw 300 steps and a couple of almost heart attacks (obviously this was the best one).

(You know things are bad when they don’t charge admission), so when we finished climbing the 300 steps to see what our Forefathers/Patriots saw (lots of rooftops and a photo shoot) we went and ate Pizza (Very early American).

After “carbing up” we worked it off by catching a ferry and taking a nap (also very American)

Not really, we are on vacation (sort of); we got back to the B&B showered and went to eat at a cool little local hangout.

And this dinner should get its own blog entry….but I would then really digress……..

BTW while on vacation; closed a deal, set up a closing, got 2 listings, solved several problems, showed properties; in short did Real Estate.

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