Jav could you call me, please?

Anytime I hear these sweet 6 words a day before closing, I know I’m screwed and in for another sleepless night and exciting day.

Just got back from a little R & R and as the plane was taxing I broke several FAA laws by standing up and turning my phone on……..and I got what I deserved.

Beep…….V/M from hell.

Now being an experience big shot Realtor I immediately went into panic/crisis mode and started to see who I could blame……….

Not really, I got off the plane, got the car went home, poured myself a double and decided to deal with it the next day.

What was the V/M from hell?

Well it was to tell me that we were not closing on Friday and that they needed an extension of closing date. Usually this is not a big deal (pretty much happens all the time now) but when it’s the third extension and the closing is already a month delayed…..then “Houston we have a problem”

But the problem Houston is that I have both the Seller and the Buyer and now I look like a complete bonehead in the minds of both parties.

So how do you handle this?

I chose the time honored path and blamed the lender.

No, I disclosed all matters to both parties and came to a positive resolution.

The Seller’s did not extend (they could not) and went with a Back up offer.
The Buyer’s got their deposit back and are now confident in their purchasing ability.

And the lender?
Let’s just say I’m not very happy…………

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