No Ferry, No Socks, No Worries……

Sounds like a country song gone wrong, but truth is it was our welcome to Death Island.

After a arriving in Boston, we rented a sweet KIA (better equipped than my CLS) and got all the gerbils up and running. After a slow start and 5 hrs on the road, (thinking we could be in Paris by now) we rolled up to the small quaint coastal town better known as; SQCT.

Now in SQCT we were suppose to catch the “mail boat” as the quaint folks here call it and take a short ride to the death island; where we would promptly become “loopster food” (work with me on this food concept….it’s going somewhere).


When we got to the Ferry/Police/Fire/Welcome center we were told in classic SQCT lingo; “Oh, you can’t get there from here” not really, we were actually told…..

What are you stupid?
Can’t you see the wind is blowing at 50 kts?
We almost rolled the mail boat, lost a rudder and where the hell are you from…..Miami?

Yeah that’s us Ms.Ferry/Police/fire/welcome center lady (actually the folks up here are very nice, not like Paris)

So like any good lost souls in the middle of nowhere; we jumped in the KIA, got the hell out of SQCT and went to another SQCT, got a room with ocean views (classic, freaking storm blowing like hell and we get a room with a view) went to dinner and caught a movie in a cool little one screen theater.


Julia and Julie…….and yes they did kill some “loopsters”…….

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