Hesent, Shesent….Docent.

So that is what I am going to do when I retire from this gig, I am going to become a docent either that or a bagboy at Publix (I strive to be great).

On the plane to Bean town and then off to the small Island where TS Danny should make landfall later today.

Now you may ask, why this Island in the middle of nowhere?

Glad you asked; friends of ours routinely bid on really crappy vacation getaways and to their surprise they always win the bid……

Last time we visited, they took us to an even smaller island with no phones, TV or internet.

It’s one of those types of places that you see in bad horror movies where you scream at the characters “Don’t go are you freaking crazy…..your all going to die” but do we listen?


We get to this place in BFE and sure enough, no one is on the island……not even animals; except for that one sole couple that lives in “THE HOUSE”

You know “THE HOUSE”; it’s on top of the mountain on a long secluded road with only one lane.
Yep and sure enough one of our friends just happens to “run” into them and gets us invited over for drinks……at night!

We get there and they speak some funny language like….French (can’t understand a damn thing), except Ana keeps hearing the French word for lobster (loopster)……

They are speaking and laughing and acting all coy and sexy but deep down inside I know they just want to hack us up and feed us to those loopsters……..lot’s of Loopters in this place.

Keep ya posted……

Oh and BTW; if you are looking at Real Estate in a small island in the middle of nowhere, call me quick (I hear we are invited to dinner)……

Market is getting REALLY tight……….good time to SELL (trust me on this one)

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