Relo Tours

This is one of my favorite parts/things that I do in my job.

Lots of other Agents don’t get it; they call it a waste of time on clients.
Well I say……….lots of things (most I can’t write).

I love taking Clients on “Javi Tours”, I think most “out of towners” have a HUGE misunderstanding of MEE-AM-MI and this is a really great way of scaring the hell out of them…..I mean educating them.

3 questions/misconceptions:

Crime; “Am I going to die here on my first day?”
Reply; “Hell no, it usually takes at least a week to have your Chilean Coal Miners Moment”

Prices; (this is usually asked with serious hard ass attitude) “I’m looking for a distressed property and it has to have a direct ocean view”
Reply; “Cool, here’s a boat”

Country; “Where the hell are we, no one speaks English here”
Reply; “Que?”

OK here’s the truth:

Don’t sell/do Drugs; drink instead.
Random acts of stupidity; don’t flash a wad of cash at a bar.
Cuban Crimes of Passion; don’t get caught sleeping in the wrong bed.

When you hear the market in Miami Dade County is off by X amount…….Get a Map.
Miami Dade County is ONE BIG FREAKING County and off by X amount ain’t where you’re looking.

We’re diverse; get use to it, lots of fun.

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