Flock of Ravens

Stay tuned for this project.

Concept is simple (so am I), we are going to start local running clubs to “Mimic” Ravens SoBe runs.

Now since we are NOT Raven; we’ll only meet once a week but we’ll run the 8 miles at the same time he does, just in the area that we live in.

So, figure something like this:

The Coconut Grove “Flock” meets at Peacock park and runs a set 8 mile course along the Biscayne Bay bay front.

The New York “Flock” meets in Central park and runs an 8 mile along the Reservoir.

The Wisconsin “Flock”…….probably just drinks beer…..Go Shoe!!!!

This would promote Raven Runs all over the Nation.

Now all we have to do is make sure a certain someone does not come up with a way of F@#$ing this up too……..

Happy 60th Raven!

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