Oh Heaven…..

Had an appraisal this morning and as I had a tough September with these “kitty cats”, I did not know what to expect.

When I walked in, owner was chilling and I asked her if the appraiser was in.
She said “Yup, around the kitchen measuring the home.

I held my breath as I approached the Appraiser and when he turned to me my heart skipped a beat…..

It was like seeing Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Mcconaughey (all suggested by Ana rather quickly).

Remember September and my 1 & 4 Record?
Remember my 1 win?

Well there he was in all his glory.

We chat like old friends and as we were leaving I asked “think we’ll make the number?”

His reply brought tears to my eyes “This one’s a No brainer”

Which probably means I’m off by only 40k……………..

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