PZAB 10…or not..

One of the most frustrating things about public service is that you work on something for the good of the community for months and in one small swoop, all goes to hell….

Last night was one of these moments when for the first time in a LONG time a topic that is important to all would have begun the strenuous legislative process with a “discussion” (note discussion means that you will be splaining shit to folks) and because a small group (very small) wants something that is completely unobtainable the item was deferred for another 3 months.

This was accomplished on social media platforms and for those who criticize some for promoting “fake” news, yesterday was a great example of that style of disinformation.

I just don’t get this community sometimes and a few years ago someone said that we are our own worst enemy and I am starting to believe it.

Oh well, all we can do is keep plugging along and hopefully we will do good.

“GottaJavMiami” always will give a shit.


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