Garden District 2

Wanted to expound on my “Get the f@#$%^&* tour buses out of the hood” comment.

As part of a Garden District concept, I proposed eliminating tour buses from the Center Grove corridor and forcing them to let out Visitors at a “Welcome Center” somewhere by City Hall. This could be incorporated into the new Grove Harbour project and would showcase the waterfront which most Visitors miss. (or see below)

From there we would use our Trolley system (or God forbid they walk) to move folks thru the Neighborhood for shopping / dining and with the use of a “Historic” app, folks would know that if they get off on say “stop 2” they would know that at this stop “something historic happened”.

This idea may avoid the decapitation of a Cruise Ship Visitor by the Canopy of the “Garden District”….

BTW; Pan Am terminal building should be the Welcome Center for Coconut Grove and City Hall should be in the center of Miami for easy access to all residents…..

Tour Buses don’t want to “GottaJavMiami”

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