Garden District?

So yesterday morning I participated in a Visioning project sponsored by the Grove Business improvement District (BID) where about 60 residents & business owners got together and shared ideas about what the Grove should address. It was specific to BID area BUT we could address any concern that came to mind.

Some general comments:

Our table was chaotic and so far off topic that we barely got our ideas in. Once we got back on topic, things improved.

Most of the early comments were about the NCD’s and Historic concerns (these are the current topic dejour).

Folks ask me all the time what I think the Grove is and I always say its different things for everyone and my position as a Village Council member is to listen to ALL comments and then point folks to the elected officials who can assist with their ideas and concerns.

BUT since my term as a council member is about to expire and I am not planning on running again……Here goes!

I came to Coconut Grove in 1965 and what I have always loved is the natural beauty of my neighborhood, this includes the tree canopy, the waterfront and open spaces. I remember chasing snakes, finding turtles and even seeing a bobcat when I was a kid.

With all the talk about development encroaching and removing what makes our Village special (I was quoted in a Herald article), I proposed at the meeting what I feel is a simple solution.

Establish ALL of Coconut Grove as a Garden District.

This will protect the Natural beauty by having clear cut understanding that you are living in a Special District. With in the District, you specify Historic, Cultural and Artistic elements which are important for all of our Residents and you use the NCD as you governing document.

This will limit common development pressure that Residents are always concerned about without limiting proper and sound development that moves a community forward.

Oh and get the f@#$%^&* tour buses out of the Neighborhood……

My 2 cents

“GottaJavMiami” is all about nature



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