Intended Decisions…

For those who know what these are…Stop reading.

For the rest, Intended Decisions are notices sent out when something of Chapter 17 / Tree Protection triggers a notice. In short, it’s to keep neighbors in the loop when a Tree (s) are going to have something done to them (removal, relocation, etc) and also one of the biggest complaint by neighbors when it comes to enforcement of the current ordinance.

So this one below caught my eye….

Dear All,

This is to advise you that the following Intended Decision(s) have been posted in your area:


  • 3174 MATHESON AV

Tree(s) to be removed: ONE (1) LIVE OAK [DEAD]. TWO (2) MONTGOMERY PALMS [DEAD]

Tree(s) to be relocated: None

Number of replacement trees: None

Tree permit request is due to TREE AND PALM REMOVAL


What I loved was: ONE (1) “LIVE” OAK…… “[DEAD]”.

So which is it?

Live OR Dead Oaks “GottaJavMiami”


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