"Please don’t say MANAÑA…

If you don’t mean it” (Thanks again JB for the words)

Part 2 of 3 (Realtor abuse)

Now this relates to another post I wrote about a year ago title Bingo and BTW; I am pretty sure that at the end of this deal the FBI will be giving me a call.

Ok I make an offer on a Short Sale and after several backs and forth’s the Seller (lender) takes a higher offer (not by much) and the agent tells me.

So far, all good but Me being Me; I don’t let it go………and then the fun begins…

I know this property really well (call in the FEDS) and also know that it has about 200k in violations, I share this with the agent just to give them a heads up.

Agent has no clue and really does not give it much thought……..


The other offer comes back wanting a Billion dollar reduction for the violations.

And that’s when I get the call “Jav, are you still interested in the property”?

“Well of course and yes we will take care of all the violations and close in 15 days and we’ll even solve the Middle East Issue to boot”.

Oh and BTW……told you so.

Great they say, send us an email stating this and we’ll presented to the Seller; so I do.

And I’m thinking, “prepare a really good story for when the FEDS take me away” , I got the deal!


What I get is a whole lot of….


Which leads me to;

Dear Realtors,
The answer is simple,
If you have a deal it’s “YES” or “SI’
If you do not have a deal it’s “NO” or “NO”

What it is not is “I don’t know” or “No Se”

So if you don’t know…get someone who does.

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