"My head hurts, my FEET stink…..

and I don’t love Jesus” (thank you Jimmy Buffett for those words of wisdom).

Part 1 of 3 entries that will just be Realtor abuse….here goes.

You know how Realtors use their picture on their cards?

Well this is an old school trick that is meant to make the recipient of the card guilty when they throw the card away (or use it to pick their teeth), see it’s harder to do this when some Realtors mug is looking you square in the face/mouth/whatever…..

Now after being the recipient of MANY cards, with way too MANY pictures; I ask my fellow Realtors “take your photos off your cards”.

Kids the picture you took 15 years ago and or before several enhancements, does not do you any justice…….plus we can’t recognize you.

BTW; The Onion has a very funny take on this (I wasn’t going to buy this house, until)

Now you know why my card has my Feet on them…try picking your teeth with one!

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