Yes she is special and gets her own Blog post.

So, I’ve known Monica for a while (she used to work at a really big company…but not anymore) and if there is any better testimony for my greatness as a Realtor….she is it.

In the height of the Real Estate market I sold her a Condo in Brickell!!!!!!!!!!!

You would think that she would see me in the same light as say….pond scum (but only lower), well not her, being a Nice Midwesterner she actually still speaks to me.

And just to show you why she no longer works at a really big company (she’s special…like in slow)….she’s buying another property thru me.

Some folks NEVER learn.

She will be admin’ing our day to day business, but she will also be involved in our web presence (really big company)……….so if you see naked pictures of me on “You Tube”….just remember……..I did sell her a condo on Brickell.

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