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I know you all have been worried after the attempted “accident” perpetrated by my MIL but not to worry all good in “Javi world”

The scooter is in the shop after several calls to road side assistance (several like in 12 calls….some assistance) I should be “drag racing” a pretty little powder blue car down Minorca any time soon (I hope he wears one of those manly British racing scarfs).

Some news to share with all the folks out there who actually read this….HA!

We have made some changes/additions in our magic city.
Introducing my new Admin…..Monica!!!!!

You know I was going to share Monica’s story on this same page but after starting to write it, I decided that she deserves her own entry…………to be continued.

Well if I have a new Admin, what happen to my old Admin?

Andrea is alive, well (and still single); she has taken on a project where she will be assisting lots of “the future” in finding affordable rentals for the upcoming school year.

She is also assisting me with new Buyers and since she has been around a while… blog post for you!


And so I don’t get into any “estrogen” fight…..Erica is doing better then I (and there is no living with her).

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