"It’s my job…

To be cleaning up this mess and that’s enough reason to go for me”…..(old JB tune, but that’s how I feel right now)

3 of 3….

This one does not involve Realtors…….but Developers.

I feel really BAD about this one as it’s a bit personal; goes like this.

Called a builder friend of mine to bounce a couple of questions off of him.

So builder friend I ask “how much to finish out closets/window treatments/Washer Dryer/ETC”

If you are not aware, most builders do not include this in their ” Brand New Construction” but add it on after you have fallen in love with their “BNC“.

Builders are very proud of their BNC even when they are 3 to 4 years old…..which is the moral of this story.

OK so we get to talking about this other builder who I am trying to get to accept a deal on a “BNC that is 2 years old (BTW; it’s costing him a small fortune to carry) and I tell my Friend that I’m offering 300k less then asking price and I quote here “HE’S CRAZY IF HE DOES NOT TAKE IT”.

And that’s when I hit him with “well I am sending you an offer on your 4 year old BNC at 300k less then your asking” and what do I get….

“What are YOU crazy?”


Some folks never learn……

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