Open House Therapy?

No, not as in “Open Houses give me a sense of purpose” or “Gee, how tranquil since no one’s come in” or “I could really use some sleep”…..No, I’m talking REAL therapy.

Those of us who do Open Houses for our customers, we are well aware that every person coming in has their own reason to stop by.

Some are Nosey
Some are Bored
Some are Nosey and Bored….

But the best are past Clients who come by to say “Hi” and see how we are doing…(they really care about us!)

Had one stop in yesterday and he was complaining about his IT Band; Well since I am an Expert on this topic, I promptly began to show him stretches and how to loosen it.

I then explained that at the end of the day it was not going to be his IT Band but his Gluteus Maximus (Butt) needed strengthening and that he should buy a foam roller and maggage his tuckes.

Well he was quite impressed with my knowledge and felt compelled to get his Wife out of the car and show her all his new stretches.

She came in and LOVED the home and they are now thinking about placing an offer.

See what a little Butt massage will accomplish!

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