Night Skiing??????????

Now that we were pros at daytime skiing, we decided to do some night time skiing.

If I can give you any advice on this topic; it’s DON”T ski at night, stay at home it’s safer.

Apparently at night all of the “twilight” crowd hits the slope; “Twilight” as in “young” and “young” as in…………………

PSYCHO SNOW BOARDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These kids are pretty scary during the day…but at night they transform into Lycans”.

Screaming down the hill as if the full moon was affecting their “hormones” (I have a great joke about that), shredding the hill as they call it and causing me to swivel my head like Linda Blair in the exorcist.

BUT wait it gets better……………

Since they only open one lift, that means there are lines and lines mean 4, FOUR, yes, Quattro to a lift chair.

Which means I have to ride up with Ana……….

First time up, we rode with a father/son tandem and dad was all “yada yada” and we were “holy shit”, we are about to traumatize this kid for life.

Well we mustard up all of our inner “Jean Claude Killey” and dismounted without a hitch saving the young lad from sure future “ski issues”.

Did 2 runs, called it a night and I have pics to prove it.

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