FELT UP!!!!!!

The one you have been waiting for…………….

Knowing that I would have the “hands” of another woman on me in the afternoon, I decided to do everything I was told today….just to be safe.

Ana wanted to ski; Check!
Ana wanted to shop; Check!
Ana wanted to go to Park City; Check!

Jav wanted a massage; CHECK!!!!!!!!!

So after two years, I returned to the scene of the crime..my first massage; and being a “pro”, I peed before I got there because………………..


No really, I came with a knot in my left shoulder the size of “12 SHORT SALES, 5 REO’S and a failed SEPTIC TANK in a pear tree and my masseuse was ready.

After some small talk (this happens when you are faced down in a little round pillow and are mumbling answers) she decided to get down to business and apply all of her weight down on my “right “ shoulder.

After“Dusty Rhodeing my back for an hour she asked me to turnover and this is when it got good……

She said and I quote “let me work your “PECS”

OH MY GOD, I HAVE PECS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW; After the pain subsided I felt great.

Thanks for putting up with me and good luck on your upcoming marathon run.

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