4 wheel drive

Hell, any wheel drive.

I had this great plan when leaving Sundance; I would dress to Miami standards, as I would only be out in the weather for a couple of minutes at a time (room to car, car to airport, etc)


Took a nice hot shower, pour a hot cup of coffee and packed all my stuff and ran out to the car.
Beeped the trunk open, jumped in the car and fired that puppy up….all 4 cylinders of Japanese power (where’s a Toyota petal, when you need one?) and NADA!!!!!!!!

Right tire good, left tire…..not so good.

Right tire ON the ice……Left tire…IN the ice.

Oh and did I mention we had a flight to catch?

But wait it gets better, it was 9 degrees outside…….

So after some casual domestic conversation as in “you Idiot, I told you we should have put some salt down”, which led to “hey, I grew up in Cuba” which flowed into ……and I hate this one….”I TOLD YOU SO”

And you know…she did.

Well after applying salt, some serious shoveling and my brilliant use of the front door mat we were able to get those 4 cylinders going in the right direction…to the airport.

Note to self; next time a big ass truck with 4 wheel drive…even if I have no clue as to how to use it!

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