Easy run my…..


Ok, I think Riley Smith from EWM is trying to kill me………….

Now I have to add this disclaimer; I have known Riley since….way back when.

We actually grew up together in North Grove (I was the little Cuban on Secoffee and he the little Gringo on Seminole) and he being 7 years my younger, I probably hit him over the head with a “Coconut” giving him the idea for his great blog “the Real Estate Coconut”

Well after completing my “Raven Runs”, Mr. Grove Realtor invited me to do some “Riley Runs” and after a couple of easy days he said….

“Hey, why don’t we do a nice 6 miler”?

Well me being a “Raven” guy I said OK…..

Now Raven runs in SoBe sand where traffic is never a concern….Ah but Riley runs in the Grove where traffic is a…..CONTACT SPORT!!!

So after risking my life just to get to his cool pad (I live a couple of blocks away) we start our run and I should have known something was up when he said “today, nice and slow old man”.

We started and before I knew it we were turning into the Emergency Area of Mercy Hospital (WHAT A VIEW, Jorge Perez knows his shit) and heading back…and all I was thinking was “6 miles my ass”

Now he was keeping me entertained with his wit and knowledge of the business and all I was thinking was “6 miles my ass”.

We parted ways at his home, I ran to mine and promptly pour a scotch and mapped our “6 mile run”….

Yeah, he’s trying to kill me….it was closer to EIGHT, 8, OCHO……

Map here

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