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Year’s ago when I created my Website, I swore that it would always be different then the typical Realtor Site.
I never wanted it to be a “Hey I’m the greatest (even though we are), kinda of Site”
Did not want you to have to “sign in” or “register” to view it.
I wanted it to read like you were actually speaking with someone (me) that you could relate to.

That’s how I Structured and Wrote it; Yes, I did write my site and Yes, I do write my blog…..hell , no one else would want to!

When I started in this Gig I said to myself  “Self, do this your way, don’t follow the traditional Real estate models”

So I did.

And what I came up with, folks in the business said “What a Nut” and lots of other stuff (nice legs) and years later, lots of those same folks are now “Casual”, “Relaxed” “Stressfree”

Well, here I go again….try to keep up kiddies.

To your left is a new/permanent feature title “This Weeks Menu” and will feature different areas of the Magic City. Each week we’ll pick two areas and update them for you, from Real Estate info to Community going ons.

So take a look, read and enjoy….

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