Farmer Jav.

Sort of.

Let’s just say I’m the “Dough” behind this little farming endeavor.

Couple of weeks ago I saw a post where the Kids at Coconut Grove Elementary were starting a garden and each class needed some “Seed” money.

Well Growing up in the Grove in the 60’s/70’s , I wanted to see what these young Grovite’s needed the dough for……..In my day, “Seed Money” meant a WHOLE different thing!

It appears that it is for a better cause then ours; each Class has planted a Garden and they will take care of it thru the school year.

My Class is the Third Grade (ahh, I remember it like it was yesterday, walking my Girlfriend (Donna) down the street from school to her pad) and I am very proud of them.

Now we’ll have to see what they Grow……

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