No Vacancies?

So, I’m pretty sure this does not happen to all those “fancy pants” Realtors out there who only do high end stuff BUT since we roll in all levels of the Real Estate spectrum, here’s a fun true story.

It was another perfect August day in the Magic City (perfect “as it was hot and raining like hell”) when we got the call.

Investor Dude; “Hey there is a Indian on the porch”

Us; “Native America”

ID; “No, trust me it’s an Indian”

Us; “Dude, you can’t call them that anymore”

ID; “Ok, then there is a “Native American” in the foreclosure we are buying.

Us; “That’s better, What he doing”?

ID; “Sitting”

Us; “Sitting Bull..Ha (we crack ourselves up)”

ID; “Funny but there are also two “Santero’s” cooking in the backyard”

Us; “Ok now this is getting interesting; we have an Indian (statue) on the porch, Santero’s in the back yard, anything else.

ID; ” And an illegal electrical/water hook up”

Us; “No roosters?”

ID; “I think that’s what they are cooking”

Us; “Cool, Arroz con Gallo or maybe Gallo Pinto?” (I could do this all day)

ID; “No really, what do we do”

Us; “We call in the “Calvary”

ID; “Great now it’s Cowboys and Indians”

Us; “Nope, Cops Vs Santero’s in an Illegal Lease Dispute”

ID; “Huh”

And now Kiddies, its why we make the big bucks.

To be continued…….

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