Movers and Shakers….

And you know who you are.

I know that most folks don’t think the average Realtor is the sharpest tool in the shed…..but I ain’t your average Realtor; don’t you read the blog?

So, every time I hear this phrase “Listen, I don’t want to beat around the bush”; I know I’m in for some serious “BUSH BEATING”.

They usually take me off to the side, put their hands on my shoulder and utter the “Phrase”

Now I get that some folks love to negotiate (I used to sell oriental carpets as a kid) and get off on the back and forth…….I don’t.

Especially when you lead in with that “Phrase”; all that you are telling me is that you really like the place but can’t afford it.

So do yourselves a favor when buying Real estate; get a good agent, that way you really won’t “beat around the bush”

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