2 AM Epiphany……Part 2

Ok, dealt with the home visits at 2am, now we’ll deal with imaginary customers and their imaginary problems.

During my month long charity insanity (better known as Raven Run’s), I met lot’s of cool folks.
One of them is “All American”.

Yes, he is an All American (track), tall, fit, good looking and… American; does that make me an All Cuban???

All American (AA) also happens to be in the mortgage gig, now he does not want to take credit for the mortgage crisis but I’m sure he was somewhat involved; why else would you leave Malibu for SoBe?

So we get to talking about our business, he mentions that he also wakes up at 2am (and not to pee) worried about deals that are not happening…..and this is when it gets interesting.

The following day, I mention that I had woken up concerned “that a customer of mine could not close because he (AA) had not been able to get me financed”.

He (AA) said “that I had not provided enough documentation to get the deal approved through the FHA”.

I said “that was not true, I had provided the required docs and we were going to lose the deal”.

He (AA) Said “No Jav, remember that your customer is Nigerian and we could not prove the funds”

I said “But AA, you know these guys always come thru”……………..

Truth is we both woke up worried about a customer and transaction that did not exist, yet we both felt we needed to get the deal done.

Folks, we are wired differently, when all is good we look for problems…it’s just who we are….and you want us on your side.

All American, CONGRATS on your 100th run. (Troublemaker pay up yet?)

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