2 AM Epiphany……..Part 1

OK, this is why I KNOW I’m a damn good Realtor!!!!!!

How many of you have:

Visited empty homes at 2 am?

“Made up” customer problems?

SOLVED “Made Up” customer problems?

Oh, and taught a spin class…………………..All at 2AM, while asleep!!!!!

HA, I have.

True Stories:
Visited homes at 2am;
I had a listing and we had the floors redone ,so we left the windows open to air out the rooms. Now this went on for a couple of days and after the floors dried, well I went in and shut the windows.
BUT at 2am one evening the following week it started to rain like hell and just knowing that I had left the “Windows Open” I got in the car and drove to the home to make sure that the windows were closed………they were.

Now this 2 am thing is contagious because a couple of months later, we had just finished an inspection and sure enough Erica had a 2am epiphany.
Hers was “Damn the inspector did not turn off the oven”and went to the home to ensure that the inspector had turned off the oven……..he had.

And there have been countless times of “drive bys and checking alarms” to make sure all is good…..AT 2 AM!!!!!!!

Didn’t I write that nothing good happens after 2 am?

It’s cause we care about our customers (even made up ones, next blog)
We are a bit PSYCHO…………

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