If you’re willing to wait forever………

Every once in awhile we travel and when we do I try to use all of the miles that I have acquired throughout the years (at one time I had enough to go to the moon).

Well we are off to Sundance for a little skiing and relaxation..

Not really, I want to rub elbows with poor indie film makers, eat huge breakfasts and get “felt up” by another woman.

Yeah I know you don’t care about the skiing/films/food…….all you care about is “FELT UP”.

True story;
A couple of years ago I surprised Ana with a little trip to Sundance and it included a “MASSAGE” for the both of us.

Now me being a REAL MAN (meaning Neanderthal) I had NEVER had a real Massage (fake ones yes, I am a guy) and went in without a clue as to what would transpire.

They started by placing my famous toes in a warm bath (which made me want to pee) and play tranquil music to help me relax….with only made me want to pee more.

After peeing; they placed me in a room and a young lady came in and started to feel me up in a “massage” way……..
Which means she took a meat tenderizing hammer and began whacking her way through 46 years of MAN toughness…….I cried like a little girl.

But, I’m ready for this one, keep ya posted (it’s Thursday).

What’s this got to do with Free?
Nothing but I’m sitting in the Dallas airport (BIG) and typing this entry because after waking up at 4am to catch a flight to said airport our connecting flight and luggage leaves in 4hrs……we hope.

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