MLS Board…..Really?

So for most of us here in the 305, we have been dealing in what we natives call a few forced days off, others call it a hurricane.

Now the few days off are caused by the lack of electricity, interweb services and just the fact that we smell funny cause we refuse to take cold showers.

In short it sucks to be us….


Our trusty Real Estate board apparently has ELECTRICITY, INTERWEBS (they may smell funny) but they can take hot showers and they have No Clue. (nothing new here)

Below is a real email that I got yesterday threatening me with a 500.00 fine IF I did not update a Pending Sale / Expected Closing date.

And they “Highlighted” (in this case BOLD) the important parts…really.


From: Sonnia Rodriguez-Pena
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2017 12:06 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Pending Sale Update Needed



MLS: A10239525

Address: 2 America

List agent Public ID: 0705434

Status: Pending Sale

ECD: 09/15/2017

Good morning Javier Gonzalez,

The MLS is critical to your Real Estate success. We need your help in maintaining its accuracy. Please take the time to review your listing A10239525 / 2 America  and make the corrections necessary to provide close sale information, cancel your listing or update your Sale/Rental information and help provide a more accurate database. According to your listing, this property should have closed on 09/15/2017.

Please read the following options below:

****all listings must be modified to reflect a new ECD********

* If the property is no longer for sale or rent please place the listing on “C” for cancelled.

* If your listing has closed, provide the closed sale information by updating you listing in Matrix.

* If the listing is a Short Sale and needs additional closing time, please extending the ECD.

* Should your listing still be “Pending Sale” please update the ECD (EXPECTED CLOSING DATE).


*Failure to update your listing may result in a 500.00 fine per MIAMI’s MLS Rules and Regulations

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter


Lets Recap:

Sonia is worried that I did not close on Friday the 15th (for obvious reasons) and if I don’t update my listing it will throw the whole MLS system into disarray causing all sorts of unimaginable catastrophes (sort of like a hurricane).

To steal a quote from a famous movie “Sonia my dear, I really don’t give a damn”

Best part of this story is that the property in question is a “Dock” in Coco Plum which may get 1 view a year and because it’s me…I have it on LockBox (this is for another story)

Sonia does not like “Gotta Jav Miami”



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