18 Days and Counting…

Because I am special (and a product of a “Torrecilla”), today I did what I should have done last week.

First some Background….

We got power back a few days ago but we still do not have any Interwebs / TV and we were told by some dude  in an ATT truck (and I believe him because he lives in Palmetto Bay and not in India) that until they fixed the famous “Mountaineer Pole” that they would not be able to connect our Interwebs / TV because of “liabilities”….

Now I’ll tell you about “Liabilities”!!!

As in I may be liable for killing my MIL (Mother in Law) if she keeps asking when she will get TV & Phone (More on this later) But I digress.

Back to the Torrecilla part.

Ana has been after me to find a way to get some TV for the MIL because she is worried that if the MIL is not entertained she may wig out (More on this later), she mentioned that she had heard of an “interior” TV antenna but since I refused to go the easy route, I went after an “Exterior” TV antenna.

I had just finished my yard work a few weeks ago so I had some extra 2 x 4’s and this is what I came up with…

Now it was time to put it to the test.

RCA promised that if I got this contraption on the roof and pointed it in the right direction I would get free HD Channels and after a few minutes I did have 21 HD Channels beaming into my MIL’s TV


I showed the MIL how to work the TV Clicker so that she could maneuver the Channels and after a few minutes of watching her new TV……..She fell sound asleep.

Now I know why Ana wanted the TV…

True Story!

RCA “Gotta Jav Miami”


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