I admire folks who can work on the fly and get stuff done with limited supplies and the boys from West Virginia sure gave it a go this weekend.

We still don’t have power (nor interwebs) at home but this is a good sign that maybe, just maybe we’ll be getting it back soon.

This pole feeds the grid but as you can see it wants to fall down and f#$%^ up the whole “Get power back again” plan….

So the Mountaineers came up with this solution (and honestly it’s very “Torrecilla”)

First attach a heavy duty copper wire around post…

Then find somewhere to attach it to and start twisting till you get the pole upright…

I guess they figured since this tree did not fall, hell lets use it..

BTW, who is “Torrecilla”….That was my Old Man’s Nick Name (his family name) and he could come up with the most brilliant work arounds.

West Virginia Mountaineers (and my Old Man) “Gotta Jav Miami”

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