Kissing a Gecko……..

and not in a good way…..

Ok, Its technically not a Gecko (Mr. Corns) it is known as a “Cuban Knight Anole” and yes I was performing CPR on one yesterday afternoon.

After a cold spell, I found one “stiff” (and not in a good way) in my pool and having been raised a caring “Native” Florida kid, I did what every good “Native” kid would do…..I grabbed it and put it in my Mother-in-Law’s bed!!!!!

Ha, but the joke was on me…..My “MIL” is freezing her butt off in New Jersey (as oppose to us in Miami), so I had to revive the poor little guy.

So as my lovely wife was cooking a 300.00 beef stew (another blog) and looking at me thru ice covered windows like I was crazy (she was not raised as a caring “Native”); I was performing a very nice job of reptile CPR.

If you have never done this (and I hope you never have) it involves getting really close to a lizard (again not in a good way) and blowing like into its mouth and pumping its chest (no, really not in a good way) and trying to get the little bugger to “cough”.

Well after many attempts and some serious looks from Ana, I had to give in and realize that I lost the little guy……


Being a caring “Native”, I put CKA in a box, wrapped it and gave it to my assistant.

Who needs a Mother-in-Law

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