So for years in my childhood home we would ” Matar el Crocodilo” translation (Kill the Crocodile) every once in a while and please note that this should not be confused with another Gonzalez trait of “Bombea Chico y aguanta”

Now this ritual would happen usually on the coldest days of the year and went something like this:

We, being a very progressive family (read poor) had solar water heating before it was cool (read it came with the home) and it worked quite well except of the nagging problem that it needs “Solar” to heat the water.

Now anyone who has live in Miami for one season knows that every time we get a cold front it will get cloudy and rainy and all in all we go “British” and not see any “Solar” for a couple of days.

So without any “Solar” we lacked “Water Heating” which meant that we would bathe in…..lets see how I can put this?

Oh yeah, we would “Matar el Crocodilo” and take some seriously cold showers (and not in a good way).

This went on for years and bless my Dad, he gave my brother and I a certain amount of “testicular fortitude” that serves us well to this day, can’t say what my mother thought about it.

Now where is this going you ask?

Well one day while my Dad was doing Dad things around the house (read Honey Doos) he found a switch in the attic.

Being a “Man” he said “damn the torpedoes” and not having a clue what it would do (he was a Man), he turned it on……………..

And through out our home you heard a loud cry as the “Crocodilo” shouted in pain……..

My Dad had found the “None Solar Water Heater”, yes 40 gallons of hot ELECTRIC liquid bliss!!!!!!

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