Jeremiah was a bullfrog….

Ahh…“Three Dog Night”

So what about “Three Dog’s”……every morning, day and afternoon…and night?

What about we did a deal and at no point did the so called agent (more on this later), tenant nor the “3 dogs” ever mention that they would be part of said deal?

True Story;

As I have mentioned, one of the many things we do in this Gig called Real estate is manage properties for clients and we get to see all sorts of stuff.

We lease out one of our listings and from the get go we have our doubts as to the quality of the Real Estate Agent (not the tenants) and even though we had our doubts, the tenants graded out well and the deal closed…..

AND than it got exciting!

We get a call from the landlord that they got a call from the neighbor who mentioned that they saw a dog on the property and not just a small little guy but a pretty big one. So we as good landlord reps mosey on down to the property under the guise of resolving a minor maintenance issue and that when we see that… 1 really equals 3.

I do not like evicting folks but if you lied to me about pets when no pets are allowed than you have not been forth coming and I can become a real PITA.


Prior to me becoming a PITA, I like to reach out to the agent (or Broker) who helped the tenant and inform them of the situation.

Now (and pay attention future tenants/landlords), most Agents/Brokers once they have been “Paid” do not give a crap about your future issues because….Florida Law said that once the deal is complete, you are under Landlord/Tenant Act and any issues are between Landlord and Tenant. (Notice no use of the word Real Estate Agent), so don’t call your 3rd rate agent that you found on some crappy 3rd party site because….they wont answer.

How do I know?

This is how this story ends…..

Called the Broker and as a courtesy, explained his clients situation. He promptly went “all Landlord/Tenant act on me” as explained above.

I expected the reply and said “Cool”

Now remember the “Paid” part of this story?

Broker called me back 5 mins later and asked me for the file as his agent never told him about the deal, never provided any paperwork…..and  ever “Paid” the Broker.

While I’m glad the Broker got screwed, not so happy that I had to evict his tenants.

Moral of the Story?

Even Bull Frogs “Gotta Jav Miami”



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