Grove Market…

One of the beauties of my community involvement is that I know more than I should…

So to all you folks that have no clue what is happening in your own backyard, here is a public service announcement for when you see a new Grove Open Food Market on the corner of 37th and Grand you wont say “Hey how come I did not know about this and why was I not invited” (and you all know who you are)

This is a joint effort of the Knight Foundation and the UM Business school with special thanks to a County Commissioners aide for putting it together in the Village West ( you know who you are)

Today was the first of a few scheduled auditions for food vendors to participate in the market and over 15 vendors participated today for cash prizes in KROMA’S back patio (Thank you to the CDC and Seasons Fresh).

The crowd (over a 100) was supportive and the vendors got a hands on lesson with open tastings and a friendly competitive environment.

I am proud to say that my lovely wife got to showcased her fantasist cranberry sauce and her partners meat pasta sauce and while they did not win, she had a heck of a good time with neighbors and friends.

And “Gotta Jav Miami” LOVED the jerk Chicken…

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