Vitamin “K”

In a continuing effort to keep my Friends, Clients and fellow Realtors informed (you know who you are), I am providing a health update for…………..



Really Jav???

Yup and not in those fun loving plastic ones that you toss at panther games (hockey in Miami, what a novel idea) BUT those really BIG F@#$ers that crawl all over your house when you are asleep (were asleep).

Back Story.

One of the things we do really well in this Gig we call Real Estate is manage our Clients investment properties (we have over a 100 ) and because of this we get to see ALL sorts of fun things….

Such as this..

So what exactly is this?

In an effort to contain said Rats, my well intention handyman decided to “seal” the crawl space with this plastic mesh and further more said this and I quote “this way they will exit through the holes and not return”


As if our Rats read “exit” signs.

It gets better….

Remember the title of this post?

Know how most folks love their dogs and want to keep them happy by keeping them well fed and by doing so keep their food in bowls all day….guess who also loves Fido’s food?


Know what else?

Your Fido food contains a little known vitamin with a letter “K”

Know what else that vitamin does???

Protects those little (big ass) RATS from the very poison you are trying to do them in with.

BTW; Only here do you get this kind of info!

Rats…even they “Gotta Jav Miami”

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