In our continuing effort to be better that the rest of all those self promoting “Local Experts & Specialist” RE Agents in the Magic City, we here at Gotta Jav Miami like to stay ahead of the curve.

One “curve” we noticed was that over the years we have accumulated hundreds of properties that we manage for our clients as a courtesy. This happened organically and truth is we are really good at it because like most other agents we do not stop working with our landlords/tenants once we get “Paid”.

So even though we do not need “No stinking license” to do what we do, we figured that getting a fancy Florida License for what we do would be a good thing….so we did.

Erica and I are now License Community Association Managers (LCAM)

Now a Note to the General Real Estate Public; watch now how all the “local experts and specialist” become “CAM’s”

Folks, in this Gig I call Real Estate few lead, most follow…..

Even experts “Gotta Jav Miami”

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