It’s 3:45, do you where your open house is?

Festivals galore in the magic city and while all of my friends… FRIEND, enjoy all the wonderful art, food and scenery that Miami has to offer I’m sitting at an open house contemplating the state of Real Estate……not really, just counting down the time till happy hour.

The State of Real Estate, lots of good things are happening out there………….Must be a Buyers market!
Portability, lower assess value, low interest rates, prices adjusting and now a little “pork” from our stimulus package.

That’s right, for you ponying up a kallizion dollars to save the banking industry they are giving you a whopping 8,000 tax credit and they kept the 250,000/500,000 capital gains tax benefit, which is one the reason we’re in this mess.

This package is not the answer, even though it did saved some mice from California (nice job Nancy), it’s a start.

The Prez next step is to look at the foreclosure issue which they are doing this week.
Some lenders in anticipation of new legislation have halted Short Sales/Foreclosure proceedings through March.

We are seeing more action on the street, which goes against the conventional wisdom that the market is still tanking….it kinda of reminds me of 04′-05′ when folks were buying just because, now folks are coming in because everything said it’s a Buyers market……

The more things change the more they stay the same.

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