IT’S BACK………………

OK, after several weeks of wondering where the hell has my Blog been; on South Beach? Guantanamo? hanging with it’s homies?

It just showed up out of the blue (Internet) with dirty laundry, smelling of cheap booze and bloodshot eyes…….and a new web site.

Isn’t that just the case, they disappear and then come back and you don’t even recognize them.

They offer all sorts of excuses, then try and bribe you with shiny things that cost a lot of dough but you know deep down inside they are the same wonderful site you fell in love with.

So, now you can get my daily rants at and some other useless information that I really don’t care about…..but makes for really pretty graphics. will also be getting a face lift (this is Miami) and will be “refreshed” after a couple of weeks. I actually have a funny story about this but cannot print it.

So, sit back, relax and stay tuned.

Oh and did I mention, It’s never a Buyers Market?

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