Don’t pay your mortgage………

Truth is this topic is not what I want to rant about; I have something else on my mind and will go psycho as soon as the deal happens and I won’t screw it up for my customers.

So, we all got a little help from the FEDS yesterday in a 75 billion dollar foreclosure bill.

Now while most of us (and by most I mean, 93% of us) will see no benefits from this package, it will assist some homeowners who have seen their values drop and are upside down on their mortgages.

BTW; if these greedy lenders would have done this 3 years ago, we would not be in this situation.
We on the forefront of this mess (street level) were advocating doing recalculations/modifications of adjustable notes back then.

In short we saw it coming but know one wanted to do anything, everyone just want the dough to keep flowing.

As to why this bill only affects 7% of us, is that 93% are not in trouble and a large portion of us don’t even have a mortgage.

listen to the street, it’s not as bad as they are telling you and tomorrows blog will be a lot more fun………….

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