When Realtors should retire……………….

When you are more of the problem than the solution!

This is what I wanted to rant about last week and now that my customers are in and cannot be tossed………..here goes.

So, had what I thought was a simple deal, little rental with a great customer. They had the dough and get this they were all ready approved by the Condo association (big plus)

When I made the first offer on the listing (BTW; been on the market like….forever) I figured that the agent would be ecstatic….HA was I freaking wrong; they went “Rosemary’s baby” on me, in short Psycho!

This is how the transaction rolled and PLEASE NOTE that it was all done via email…..(no initials, just good faith).
Our offer,
Their counter,
Our counteroffer,
Their acceptance…….all good to here and then the fun began.

Paperwork, apparently Psycho Realtor has some disorder (or has been busted by FREC) B/C until all the I’s, T’s, P,s and any other hoop they could make me jump through; they felt that we did not have a contract.

Now it is important to note that we Realtors write an offer to lease that outlines the details of a transaction and then when we have that, we write a lease that supersedes offer.

So in this case we already had the Lease ready, did not need the offer to lease, just execute the freaking lease and get them in!

BUT NO, and I’ll quote “UNTIL WE HAVE A CORRECT OFFER TO LEASE WE DO NOT HAVE A DEAL” No just sign the freaking lease and we’re all good and you (psycho realtor) are interfering with my happy hour…4 days straight by my count.

Well after 5 days of obsessing over the offer to lease; where I was told that the tenants had to execute first?????? huh, in what country? If I make an offer that you do not like, you make the change and initial then we accept or change and it goes back to the other side…pretty basic stuff here.

Some of these heart stopping changes were but not limited to; useless dates, missed initial, useless dates again and my all time favorite…….useless date.

The useless date was the lease start date, my folks were willing to start lease a day early and move in the next day (walk thru, keys, etc…) BUT you guessed it NO, the lease MUST start on the move in date….ah no, lease can start when ever.

Which brings me to this part, you might say “Jav, they have a point..technically they need all of these things executed” but I forgot to mention that they also wanted me to execute documents that are no longer used, did not want to do a walkthru, B/C and I quote again “we manage many properties and we never do walk thru for our clients”

Big mistake…….after that little quote, their client requested a walk thru and the place was a mess. Client was wonderful and took care of every thing and my customers move in you guessed it….one day after the lease started…THE HORROR!

The moral of the story; when you see this:

Property on the market forever.
Agents makes you jump through useless hoops.
Agents make their commission a priority
Agents interfere with happy hour.
Then it’s time to hang it up.or go back to kindergarten and study the “Golden Rule”
“Do on to others as you would like done to you”

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