I have pants!

Ok, so I can’t even win a Jury Pool lotto…….

After gaining access to the jury pool room by wearing long pants (and it was not under 55 degrees), I waited patiently to serve my country and 8 hrs later I was still waiting.

Scores of folks were called to duty but apparently if you look like you can speak fluent English, you are not called. Either that or they thought of me as a rebel rouser for the Shorts mis understanding and/or they figured that I could not read directions and would probably screw up the “do you swear to tell the truth” oath thing…

Any hoo, I did my duty and I have a certificate to prove to my employer that I was there (which he already knew because my employer was there…Me).


Oh and as to the “conscientious performance” comment, after being subjected to the “Blind Side” and some Robert DeNiro movie (twice) the court should be very happy I was not chosen……

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