Before we get to this post, the internets are amazing. I wanted to know how to spell out the Tarzan yell and with one click I got the above…no clue if it’s spelled right or how the heck to pronounce it but it was on someone Else’s blog so it must be right!

Ok on Saturday before I did my Real Estate thing, I was signed up for an “5K Adventure Run”; which from what I can guess was invented by some folks who figured “what the hell, I bet we can have people pay good dough, to do all sorts of dumb stuff in the rain and muck…..if we give it a good name”.

“Let’s called it the “TARZAN CUP”

And the dumb people came…….

This particular “RUN” involves a lot of stuff that Tarzan supposedly went through as he was trying to get home to Jane and Cheetah. Apparently he had to run over mounds of uneven dirt and stones (with sand bags), jump over barrels and walls, climb ropes and nets, cross chest high water trails (without Crocodiles) and just as he was about to get home…… saved by the Hooter Girls (more on this later).

Growing up in Coconut Grove, I remember playing Tarzan all the time and we did all of the things mentioned above (except the Hooter girl thing…again more on this later) , we had open spaces to run around in, tall banyans to climb and swing from, the bay to swim and avoid crocs and loads of animals to chase (lots of turtles, I was not very fast) and plenty of scars to prove it.

So as I stood at the starting line, my childhood came rushing back to me and I knew that I had done this before and I was ready!!!!

The gun sounded and off I went…running, climbing, jumping, swimming and 45 minutes later when I thought it was over some big dudes started beating the crap out of me at the finish line but that’s when I heard the Hooter Girls scream..

“Stop it, let him through” and just like in my childhood, saved by a girl.

One thing I forgot when I signed up for this, when I used to play Tarzan I was 10 years old……40 years later and with some new scars….it was still a lot of fun..

Thank you M Cycle!!!

Oh and I have a sticker to prove it.

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